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Not-recorded credit notes

By sending a letter to the most important suppliers on behalf of our client, and on the client’s letterhead, Double Paid gathers all sorts of information on:

  • Not-recorded /not-processed credit notes.
  • Overpayments.
  • Not-indebted payments.
  • Bonuses and rebates not paid yet.
  • Incorrect addressing of the supplier.

A possible reason for unrecorded credit memos is usually because the supplier sends credit notes (often in the form of a PDF-file) to the budget holder instead of to Administration, or that the budget holder does not send the credit note through.

Our audit - your result

An audit by Double Paid offers you:

  • Improved liquidity;
  • Possible restoration of damaged image;
  • Administration of quality measurement;
  • Reports to clean up your supplier base.

Our team of specialists aims for:

  • Maximum result;
  • Minimum time expended by your organization;
  • Personal approach;
  • No Nonsense and sincere commitment.
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