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Double Paid B.V. is FD Gazelle

We are extremely proud to announce that Double Paid B.V. has officially become a “FD Gazelle”.

The presentation of the awards for North Holland toke place on November 10th, 2015 at ABN AMRO headquarters in Amsterdam.

FD Gazelles are companies that have shown above-average growth over the last three years. In this case, over the years 2012 to 2014. Growth is measured in terms of turnover and has to show a continuous growth of at least 20%, 3 years in a row. Furthermore, a FD Gazelle needs to be profitable in the last year of the study period and financially stable.

Our audit - your result

An audit by Double Paid offers you:

  • Improved liquidity;
  • Possible restoration of damaged image;
  • Administration of quality measurement;
  • Reports to clean up your supplier base.

Our team of specialists aims for:

  • Maximum result;
  • Minimum time expended by your organization;
  • Personal approach;
  • No Nonsense and sincere commitment.
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