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Duplicate payments research

An audit of not-indebted payments, popularly referred to as “double payments”, consists of the following components:

  • Analysis of and feedback on the creditors’ master data.
  • Analysis of accounts payable data.
  • Analysis of ledger data.
  • Sending, receiving, and analysis of supplier balance sheets.
  • Analysis of findings with invoices in (digital) archive.
  • Feedback to client and discussion of findings.
  • Recovery of not-indebted payments - unposted credit notes.
  • Final feedback on not-indebted payments and advice on improving the accounts payable process and administrative organization / internal control.

A survey costs your organization very little time. Double Paid prefers, if possible, to do the data downloads and other work themselves, at their own office, and to have correspondence and telephone traffic handled by the Double Paid office. Double Paid will also take care of the testing of the findings on invoices in the archive. In addition, Double Paid will ensure that not-indebted payments are credited back to your bank account.

Measuring is knowing: An audit by Double Paid enables your organization to measure possible administrative errors. Double Paid links the information back to you through feedback and advice to improve your accounts payable process. 

Our audit - your result

An audit by Double Paid offers you:

  • Improved liquidity;
  • Possible restoration of damaged image;
  • Administration of quality measurement;
  • Reports to clean up your supplier base.

Our team of specialists aims for:

  • Maximum result;
  • Minimum time expended by your organization;
  • Personal approach;
  • No Nonsense and sincere commitment.
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