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Double payment of invoices

The double payment of the same invoice is usually caused by:

  • Errors in the accounts payable base files: the same invoice being recorded under different suppliers (often with a similar name or address).
  • Ignoring financial program warnings: both an original invoice and a copy / fax are inserted, a warning of the financial program is ignored.
  • No agreement on registration of the invoice number: The same invoice is recorded once with a combination of debtor’s number and invoice number, and a second time without debtor’s number. The financial program therefore does not detect that the invoice was posted twice.
  • Scanning errors: in the invoice number, a 3 is read as an 8 or a 7 as a 1. Order number or invoice date is read as the invoice number.
  • Switchover between systems: the same invoice is recorded in both the old and the new financial system.
  • Multiple systems: different systems are used in business units at different locations. The same invoice records in both systems.

Double Paid checks the accounts payable using special audit software, additional criteria, as well as visual inspections on various aspects. We look at both duplicated amounts and at unequal amounts, invoice data, duplicate invoice numbers, trends in invoice numbers, and trends in invoice series in respect of invoice dates, descriptions provided, trends in description, et cetera.

Our audit - your result

An audit by Double Paid offers you:

  • Improved liquidity;
  • Possible restoration of damaged image;
  • Administration of quality measurement;
  • Reports to clean up your supplier base.

Our team of specialists aims for:

  • Maximum result;
  • Minimum time expended by your organization;
  • Personal approach;
  • No Nonsense and sincere commitment.
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