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Double charged fees

Notwithstanding the checking of invoices and comparison of the costs with company budgets, the double charging of fees happens regularly. The payment of double charged amounts can be ascribed mainly to:

  • Mandatory state purchase order number to be mentioned on the invoice: invoice without purchase order is recorded and later (often on request) an invoice with purchase order number is also sent.
  • Invoice having been sent on wrong invoice form: invoice on correct form looks different.  Both are paid.
  • Original invoice and provisional invoice: upon request, supplier first sends a provisional invoice. The actual invoice is sent later, often showing a different amount.
  • An independent professional or employment agency: the hours worked in, for example weeks 9-10-11 are invoiced first, and subsequently the hours worked in weeks 11-12-13. In this way, week 11 is invoiced twice.
  • The absence of a purchase order system, or review by a "three way match".

Double Paid analyses all aspects of the recorded description. By linking files and combining advanced automated and visual checks, the above aspects often appear as "findings".

*A study by the consulting firm Accenture shows that many organizations never or seldom use an (automated) purchase order system, and that the organizations that do so use purchase orders for some of their purchases only. The research shows that 80% of the organizations use a two way match" (match between purchase order and invoice) and 65% of surveyed organizations apply a" three way match". This match was automated in only 50% of the cases. 

Our audit - your result

An audit by Double Paid offers you:

  • Improved liquidity;
  • Possible restoration of damaged image;
  • Administration of quality measurement;
  • Reports to clean up your supplier base.

Our team of specialists aims for:

  • Maximum result;
  • Minimum time expended by your organization;
  • Personal approach;
  • No Nonsense and sincere commitment.
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